A little update.

♥ Tarte Cheek Stain (in Glam color) They didn't have any good pictures of it, so I had to use this one, plus the coloring always looks so different in photos, comparded to in person, but this stuff is pretty freakin awesome, its a very soft peachy, pink, very soft color, which is what I love, plus its a great color on your lips as well! plus it smells good :)

♥ Tarte lock n roll (in Bronze) So this has a liquid and loose powder, I personally LOVE the liquid, which shocks me because I've never been a fan of liquid but this color seriously rocks, its so dang cute.
Lorac, Perfectly Lit (in SPOTLIGHT) color shade is different in person, more lighter..seriously one of these days I need to snap some pics of me showing off all these goodies, but I honestly didn't think I would like this stuff too much, but WOW was I wrong..it has a small amount of a really pretty color too it but its a AWESOME highlighter for your cheeks!!! incredible.

Well hey strangers.. it's been forever it seems since i've done a post, actually just been on here! I do miss it. My new job has been great! super super draining, but I love every second of my nanny job, have to say it's like a treat to actually "get ready" now, my outfit consists of a t shirt or hoodie with black work out pants! and my hair tied up in a pony tail, not so glamourous lol..but, that GlitnGlam set from Sephora, that I gotten for Christmas (pic in last post) I had some time to try some stuff out, so I thought I would update on my thoughts about some of the products, hope everyone had a excellent New Years!