A Little Touch Of Summer.

MAC has the BEST lipgloss everrr i would highly recommend getting the color "Ample Pink" im totally in love.

So, these would be my new jeans i love love love silver jeans, although im not really in love with the $82 price tag.

( seriously this top, with cute jean shorts and gladiator sandals and im in heaven)

Gorgeous day out today, no wind, sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, i would say im pretty happy, plus i get to go get my hair done in a bit finally! thinking about getting some red in it? :0 i dont know if im feeling that brave though so we will see how it turns out.

But about oh i wanna say 2 weeks ago i went out jean shopping and of course, whenever you go out looking for something in particular you can NEVER find it and you get everything else but the item you originally went out for. Well thats what happened this time, but i have to say it was kind of worth it because i found this adorable, cheap shirt from Charlotte Russe for only $15.90 i just couldnt pass that up, it has summer written all over it, and i love it. But the good news is, is i went back out and FINALLY got new jeans, a little later than i wanted but better late than never right? so it all worked out :)


All about the shades, baby.

So these are my all time fav sunglasses! i got them last year at target for about 18 i believe, which is actually alot for me to spend on sunglasses, because im very picky about how much i spend :) but they were def worth it..i was shopping for sunglasses for a couple weeks and i was sooo sick of looking so sometimes to spend a little more is worth it :)

Sunglasses have become more of a fashion accessory to us girls, in a rush and dont have time to put alot of makeup on? you throw your shades on and there you go instant glamour :) and then of course there's the obvious reason for them, blocking the sun, but either way they have to be cute (thats a given) and most of all fit your face shape, which that can honestly be hard to find the right pair, believe me i know cause i struggle every siiingle time i go shopping for them, and im almost positive im not the only girl who has a problem with this so i have some tips that i thought might help with finding the correct pair for your faceshape girls!

Oval Face- So, you guys have it pretty easy, almost any style can work for this faceshape, oval's good for trying out new things & the latest trends, so go ahead try something new! any shape will work for you.

Round Face- You guys are gonna wanna make your face appear thinner and longer, so your going to wanna try a wider frame with more of a rectangular shape to it so it creates the illusion that the face is longer than it appears.

Square Face- Usually this face shape consists of a really strong jawline, so your gonna want to reduce that by sticking with more of a oval shape or more curvy because it gives the face some definition.

Another little tip: Pale Complexions- try to stay with a softer color shade, darker colors tend to drain the color from your face.

Dark Complexions- Olive, Golden or Asian looks great with silver, clear or gold frames, but try to stay away from black because it can be to harsh on the face.

Dark/Black Complexions- Metallic frames compliment your skin tone the best, darker frames are just gonna look kinda blah and wont compliment it the best way it could.


Dress Me.

- Shaw's Cove $39.89
-Avalon Place $59.50
- Boat Canyon $39.89

So today's the first day of spring..and i had to wear boots. There is something seriously wrong with that! yesterday i was wearing jeans, tee and flip flops, today? jeans, a columbia hoodie with 2 shirts underneath and boots and STILL freezing, only in michigan..so i know i said i was going to be more on top of it with updating, i lied, oops! i've been really busy with work lately so thats took up most of my time but finally a weekend off :)

So, im not the type of girl to really want to shop at hollister and those type of stores, not saying i never do, but its pretty rare, i just feel like everybody has those clothes and its rather young looking [some of the stuff anyways] just like there tees n' what not..but i have to say i really really adore there dresses i was in there the other day and saw a few that i really liked my reason most of the time for not getting them? Im by far the cheapest person you will ever know, im not a millionaire and not even close to it, so im pretty picky about where every one of my dollars goes esepecially when i shop as much as i do, its def become a problem :)


Sandal Me. Please.

- Patricia lili01 flats $12.99 (love)

- Bamboo darling48 flats $19.99

- Bumper Jay02 flats $17.99

Its that time of year again, offcially..i think? If all the snow is actually going to stay gone for good, but so far its been cooperating and staying away from here its been all sunshine for almost 2 weeks now :D

Which means that the sign of summer can be worn now..Sandals!
I love love love my sandals and flip flops, theres just something so freeing about them and when i think of them i automatically think of the warm weather and my absolute favorite the beach..cant wait! Ive really been obsessed with gladiator sandals and that type of look, and they are pretty much everywhere now a days so there not hard to find, but cutesygirl has a huge selection of them and there a bit more different and not all the same which i like, more of a variety so check em out(: hopefully youll like it!


What is true beauty?

Well from here on out i promise to be a little more on top of things as far as posting :)

When you think of beauty you think of those models in the magazines, who seem to have it all..gorgeous, flawless skin, perfectly tanned bodies without an ounce of fat on them. Girls look at that and think why dont or why cant i look like that? Truth is, those pictures go through incredible amounts of retouching, airbrushing and all the works, and i think we just forget that at times, those girls who seem to be so perfect are just like us. Every girl has flaws, things we wish we could change, no one has the "perfect body". Its more of a matter on how we look or think of ourselfs, us girls need to be confident in who we are as a person and not be so judgemental on trying to be "perfect".

This is probably going to sound corny but thats okay :) before you leave to go out to run errands, go to gym, go to work whatever it may be, before you leave your place, simply just look in the mirror and say one positive thing about yourself.

x.o.x.o -Katie


I Wanna Soak Up The Sun.

- Plunge Cover Up Tunic $39.00

- Ruffled Triangle Bikini Set $36
-Double String Sliding Triangle Top $14.50/Low Rise Skirted Bottom $24
-5 Way Push Up Bandeau Top $48.00/ Low Rise Bottoms $38.00 ( MY FAV)
Alright its been quite a while since ive posted anything, i've been so sick i havent had much energy to do much of anything not 100 % better but getting there. One thing thats really put a smile on my face is the sun is finally shining! its so refreshing to see a blue sky again, which means spring is right around the corner yes!. Bathing suit season is fast approaching which obviously means? Bathing suit shopping, also known as cutting back on some junk food:) Victoria's Secret has some awesome suits and some pretty adorable cover ups.