Curls are a pain.

- Tried to get a pic of it, but the curls are already slowing going back to straight..stupid things.

Thought I would do a quick little post while I had a few extra minutes before I head out shopping, alright girls do you usually straighten or curl your hair? because I ALWAYS straighten but I seriously wish I could curl my hair. Well, I tried this morning..one reason why I hate it too is because I like my hair long and when I curl it I feel like it looks way shorter, do you guys ever feel like that too, or am I just crazy? (lol) plus curls just refuse to stay so I'm constantly messing with my hair throughout the day and it's sooo annoying, I couldn't stand the curls anymore so I quick ran a straightner through my hair, ugh..well another day of curls being a fail!


Finally, some organization..well kinda.

- The boots I was raving about!
- My FAV scarf, I wore this on Thanksgiving..my mom kept saying that the prints didn't go good with eachother, but I say otherwise(: I loved this scarf with floral print tank.
- This look's so empty to me, this was after I found my boots, so there's plenty more still on the floor & put away in my 2 dressers I have..I'm in desperate need of a walk-in closet..

I finalllllllly went through and put all my clothes away (for the most part) seriously how does everything I own always end up on my bedroom floor? It never fails too. I decided It was time to organize a little bit, it's actually because I was sick and tired of digging through my piles of clothes trying to find an outfit, it took longer to get ready than it usually does :), but I was super pumped going through everything..I found my fav boots that I had totally forgotten about! hidden and shoved in the corner under a pile of clothes..poor babies, okay I'll be honest after I discovered those boots I was so excited that I didn't really have a drive to clean anymore soo needless to say it's still a work in progress ;)

Btw, sorry for the picture quality I've been using my phone for pictures lately, but as soon as I get a new camera I will be posting alot more pics and way better post's!


Heaven on your lips.

♥Muted Plum
♥Pale Pink
♥Shimmering Gold Rose
♥Shimmering Fuchsia Berry
$28 for this set.

There honestly all gorgeous colors on, for once I don't think I have a favorite :)

- I thought I would throw something a little extra in here, If any of you ladies want a CHEAP but good mascara, Rimmel's is the best, I use this everyday..I know mascara can be tricky, to get one that you have few problems with but I swear by this, plus it's only like 4 bucks, yippy :)

Alright I need to get out my rage first, the weather here in Michigan is 60 today and were supposed to have snow and below freezing temps by Thanksgiving? today im wearing a t-shirt and I'm sweating in this! seriously this weather better shape up because I have alot of hats and scarfs and boot's to be worn!

Moving on to more important things.. :)

So I know I said that Victoria Secret has the best lipgloss ever, but I have something that ranks right on up there, majorly. Buxom Lipgloss, that you can get at Sephora, I don't even know how to explain this lipgloss, it's super super light which alot of girl's like because it's NOT sticky and messy and doesn't have that "heavy" feeling to it. It like "chill's" your lips it has a cooling feel to it, I know that sounds kinda silly but I don't know how else to describe it. My sister gave me the set of this lipgloss, why?? I don't know her lost, my gain ;) ITS AMAZING. Have any of you ladies tried this stuff already? What do you think?


I'm the snooki monster.

- There's the look we all know ;)
- Ahhh I love that pink dress!!!!!!
- I'll be honest, this isn't my fav hair style for her, I dont know I've never really been a "bangs" kinda girl, what look do you guys like better?

No seriously, my friends call me "Snooki monster" I seriously LOVE snooki ( dont hate) I don't like talking about celebrities, but I'm gonna make an exception for my girl ;)

First off, the signature hair..I personally think it straight up rocks.. No, I didn't copy the poof she does, I've been doing the poof for quite some time now, I can honestly say for the most part I like her style (for the most part, some things are questionable) I like the edgy, loud, crazy prints and I could say she could tone it down on the makeup, but I'm guilty of the same thing I could pry tone it down a few notches myself (lol). So here's a good question, what do you guys think of Miss. Snooks?


I can't live without you.

- Bad pic to show off the lipstick, but its the only one I had at the moment, this is also with victoria secrets gloss over it, my FAV look : ) & yes, I am a fan of the snooki hair ;)

- Too Faced Lipstick, (I normally hate lipstick, I used to always stick to just lipgloss, this is the only lipstick I'll wear the color is called "Centerfold" it's AMAZING, specially with a clear gloss over it, uh hello! I personally just really love how girly it looks too :)
- Victoria Secrets Body Spray "Fresh & Clean" ( Seriously, girls best scent EVER! I go through this stuff like there's no tomorrow)

-Victoria Secrets, Beauty Rush Lipgloss (Hands down, the best lipgloss out there)

These are my random picks that I cant live without, I use these lovely items everyday, without fail and I highly, strongly recommend them cause I'm pretty sure you all would feel the same way :)


I want it all.

Alright you guys, I dont even know where to start with this..my sister and I have pretty much the same taste when it comes to style, so she kept telling me about this site that she's been obsessing over and the other night she finally showed me what all the fuss was about, okay we were literally drooling over there stuff..seriously, we went through everything they had, every page possible, there wasn't alot of talking going on because we were just too speechless, I think I need to start playing the lotto because I'm gonna need alot of cash, thats for dang sure.

But, seriously girls if you know what's good for you you'll check them out!! ShopRuche & I could easily fill up like 20 pages posting everything IM IN LOVE WITH so I had to try and contain myself and only post 4 looks that were already put together..props to me.


Im not made of money.

-Ruffled Cardigan $52
-Pen & Ink Artist Top $30 ( There all sold out of these, and uh I can see why, love!)
-Full Stop Top, Boho Chic $38
-Farfalle Cardigan $68 (holy crap is this adorable or what?)

Wow, am I excited I just came across a new site ModCloth, and well, needless to say I'm pretty pumped there kind of "expensive" for my liking but I just had to share with you guys! I guess I could just hope that they have a clearance section..I really need to get over this cheap stage..sigh.

Anyways, hope you guys love these clothes just as much as I do, I'm literally going insane looking at there stuff!


Another purse, wouldn't hurt!

-This is the purse that I use like..24/7 (sorry really bad pic, need a new camera) I'm obsessed with anything animal print, plus it didnt hurt that it was normally 50 & I got it for 10, kinda made me love it more hehe : )
-Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote $58 ( Loooooooooooove x 10)
-Deena & Ozzy Zip-Front Moto Satchel $68 (love this color)
-BDG Tri -Pocket Basic Buckle Satchel $68

Alright, so I have to say I posted that blog about boots, thinking we had snow coming..only in Michigan is it snowy one day and then for the next 2 weeks suns shining and not a cloud in the sky ugg! I'm actually ready for winter and some snow I would like to put my flip flops away sometime soon..geesh!

Okay, so I totally forgot about UrbanOutfitters, how? I really dont know because seriously they have some pretty amazing stuff..lately I've been like really into bags and purses, probably because I've been using the same bag for like almost a year now..it's one of those things where its a love/hate relationship, I love my purse but like deep down your ready to chuck it out the window because you want something new, yet you love it too much, I'm sure im not the only one that feels like that Ha Ha!


I couldn't help myself..

- Miss Me Miss Amora Purse $89 ( Love purses like this!)

- BKE Belted Shirt $34 (Ahh I'm totally diggin this shirt, majorly)-BKE Abstract Cardigan Sweater $48 (Thought it was just funky n fun(:

- Silver Jeans "Tuesday Boot Stretch" $82 ( Silver jeans are my all time fav, these are pretty much all I own loooove them)

Alrighty, so i'm sure everyones figured it out by now, I like everything to be cheap and theres no way im paying full price for anything, but I really couldn't help myself with this one..so I promise this will be the last post where im showing "expensive" items : )

I have and always will have L.O.V.E The Buckle they have thee bestttt jeans, and when I say the best I really do mean it, I will say a good, long lasting pair of jeans are very important and that is the one and only thing I do splurge on a bit, but besides there jeans they have insanely cute everything else, it's just very modern, unique items that you don't always see everywhere else and thats what I like..


I fell in love, again.

-Satin Bubble Dress $14.50 ( Color looks more olivey green in person)
- Rhinestone Cluster Flower Ring $5.80 ( Obssessed with there jewelry, all of it)
- Ribbon Tongue Open Toe Heel $25.80 ( I think these would look cute for a more dressy look, otherwise the plain black flat boots in the last post would look super cute, and more casual)
- Plain knit tights $6.80

What do you do on a saturday afternoon? Go shopping of course. I had to hit up my favorite store that I talk about all the time, Forever21. Seriously I could spend thousands in there, easily. I was leaving the store and noticed the CUTEST bubble satin dress oh my gosh! Could I love that store anymore? Obviously it was a big hit because I looked around and noticed 3 other girls who already had it in there hands, and in the same color that I wanted too (rustic olivey green) I love rustic colors, its more like edgy and fun I think..so I put together the other missing accessories to top off the dress.


Snow starts, boots go on.

-Wild Diva116 Mid-Calf Boot $19.99 ( Call me crazy, but I actually kind of sorta really like these)
- Wild Diva Kalisa31 Mid-Calf Boot $19.99 ( So simple and basic that can go with everything)
-Wild Diva Starcy31 (Street Chic) Thigh High Boots $26.39

Boots boots and more boots! We had our first "snow fall" this morning here. Was it alot? no. Did it stick to the ground at all? no, but! thats just the start of a really long season of that pretty white stuff, but we do luck out because for the next couple months we get to sport some pretty cute boots, now I personally have always and still love UGGS..how do you guys feel about them? I always love asking people, because everyone has such different feelings about them (lol) I've talked about Cutesygirl's shoes before, they really do have a really big selection, plus? yea you guessed it..there cheap as well.


Tis the season for..

- Charlotte Russe's Marled Thick Knit Headwrap $8.50 ( Seriously wanted to cry when I saw this, LOVE!)
- Forever21's Victoria Crinkled Scarf $6.24
- Forever21's Three Rosette Beanie $7.80

Scarfs and Hats! Such little accessories to wear, but can make such a bold statement and make your outfit POP. I'm obsessed, you really can truly never ever have enough, well needless to say Charlotte Russe and Forever21 will be seeing me soon..I always check out stores online before I go out shopping so I get a little heads up of what's out there, those stores never fail me, and best part SO cheap! You just cant go wrong..these are just a few things that I had loved so thought i'd share(: