I failed again..

- New hairr (more redish in person, webcam just made it look a little darker)
-The miracle worker.

Hey everyone. So I failed again at staying on top of things...whatever, I suck. Sadly I don't have WiFi right now for my Ipad so I can't use it :( I think once I can conveniently use that again from the comfort of my bed I'll be more likely to be on here a lot more :) Hope everyone had a awesome Thanksgiving! nothing too new with me except my hair color has been changed yet again..my goal is to at least keep this color for at least 2 months..don't know if that's possible but I'm gonna try ;)

So I do have something that you guys totally need to try!! My sister introduced me to this deodorant by the name of Crystal Deodorant...holy smokes! AMAZING. I swear by this. I'm actually kinda mad I'm just now knowing about this product...I seriously call this the miracle worker. They have different kinds..I have the "roll on" kind. It has no scent and is all natural & it's only just a little under 5$ it covers EVERYTHING..you could wear a shirt and sweat allll day in it and wear that shirt 5 more times without even knowing, it's that amazing.


Getting over my fears.

Wow..so I've failed miserably at updating again..shame on me.

This is really random and nothing really to do about beauty, fashion or any of that jazz. So I'm sure I'm not the only one here who has a like deathly fear of needles! If you do I strongly encourage you to get over your fears and suck it up like I did :)
I went and got my nose pierced after my best friend pushed me and pushed to go get it done with her, thank goodness I did cause I couldn't love it more! I know it's not much but hey it's a start ..and what a baby I was it was nothin! didn't hurt one bit..so yeah just a random post but had to share my excitement :)


Back to Blogging I Go..

- A pic of what the extensions look like, really wish I would of got the 18 in or 20 in extensions now instead of the 14 in, looks like I'll have to get another set of them soon ;)

Well hello everyone! It's been quite a long time since I've been on this..almost forgot how everything worked on here, thats kind of sad. Life took over and I had completely abandon my poor blog, I forgot how much I actually did miss it..It's hard to believe that this summer is already over, what the heck where did it go?! It's kind of bittersweet though, as much as I love summer there are a heck of alot of positives to having fall right around the corner :) I'm pretty pumped. How was everyones summer? I got sun poisoning and 2nd degree burns from the sun, for the second year in a row this year..so that should show you that I was out in the sun maybe a tad bit too much, but I have learned my lesson to finally wear some sun screen..well, maybe.

So I have obviously been shopping over the past few months..but my one thing that I'm so dang pumped to show off and for you all to see is I FINALLY got hair extensions!! I feel like my life is complete now, now that I have these. I've been saying I was going to get them for so long but I finally went and got them at Sallys. I went in thinking I'll spend around maybe 50 bucks..well, my cheap self learned real quick you were not going to get GOOD extensions for that cheap. I ended up getting "Remy 14in clip-in extensions" by Euronext for around 90$. These are awesome awesome awesome! seriously girls if you are looking into getting extensions, these are highly recommended. They are completely worth the money, they are 100% human hair, so you can style them however you want them, there so easy to clean, I wash mine about every 3 days because I am the Hairspray queen so they need to be washed quite frequently. There so easy to put in (after you get the hang of it) took me a couple days to get used to doing it. These are a definite must have if I do say so myself.


A little update.

♥ Tarte Cheek Stain (in Glam color) They didn't have any good pictures of it, so I had to use this one, plus the coloring always looks so different in photos, comparded to in person, but this stuff is pretty freakin awesome, its a very soft peachy, pink, very soft color, which is what I love, plus its a great color on your lips as well! plus it smells good :)

♥ Tarte lock n roll (in Bronze) So this has a liquid and loose powder, I personally LOVE the liquid, which shocks me because I've never been a fan of liquid but this color seriously rocks, its so dang cute.
Lorac, Perfectly Lit (in SPOTLIGHT) color shade is different in person, more lighter..seriously one of these days I need to snap some pics of me showing off all these goodies, but I honestly didn't think I would like this stuff too much, but WOW was I wrong..it has a small amount of a really pretty color too it but its a AWESOME highlighter for your cheeks!!! incredible.

Well hey strangers.. it's been forever it seems since i've done a post, actually just been on here! I do miss it. My new job has been great! super super draining, but I love every second of my nanny job, have to say it's like a treat to actually "get ready" now, my outfit consists of a t shirt or hoodie with black work out pants! and my hair tied up in a pony tail, not so glamourous lol..but, that GlitnGlam set from Sephora, that I gotten for Christmas (pic in last post) I had some time to try some stuff out, so I thought I would update on my thoughts about some of the products, hope everyone had a excellent New Years!