Bundle me up in cuteness.

- My jacket from forever21 loove this color!
- Kendall Belted Coat (Simple & Classy)
- Chloe Striped Peacoat (Thought this was kind of a fun little jacket)
In case you havent realized the season is changing and the temps are starting to change, which AKA cute jackets. Am I right or am I right? I have this Peacoat from Forever21, that I got about 3 years ago and im still head over heels in love for that coat, seriously its adorable if I do say so myself, the best part? The color, (Rustic burnt orange) you dont see alot of that color on coats so thats what drew me to it, they obviously dont carry that coat anymore (bummer) otherwise I would say head to your nearest Forever21 Asap, but I did find some really really cute ones at Delias that store is too die for seriously, they finally just got one at the mall here, better late than never I guess(:


Give me more makeup, please.

- Too Faced Lash Injection $21 ( Hands Down, thee BEST mascara ever, seriously jump on this girls)
- Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion $30 (seriously the cuteness of it alone made me want it)

What can a girl truly never get enough of? and i mean never! MAKEUP. It's our way of expressing ourselfs, boosting a little self confidence, and just for the simple fact that were girls ha. Now, i've never been into the more "higher end" makeup, and the one reason for that is because im cheap, very cheap, i think everything is overpriced when in fact its really not bad at all I just make it out to be that way..im workin on it (lol). My Mom and Sister take weekly trips to Sephora, literally weekly. I always would hear them bragging on how amazing this was and that was, so I actually tried some of these (going against my cheap ways) Lets just say I will be taking the weekly trips from now on. So I thought I would share these amazing pieces that I'm in love with..


Im back.

(New hair)

So cleary, its been a long long time since ive been on here and posted, way to long. Life happens and you get caught up, ive missed being on here quite alot! so i think ill be here to stay for a little while(: no more being MIA. Last time i was blogging it was summer time, as much as i love summer im always ready for fall when it gets here, nothing beats cute boots, fall makeup, scarfs, oh and i think i could handle some hot apple cider, also. First step to get ready for fall? I changed my hair up a bit, actually alot, a big change for me being blonde for years i am now a proud brunette, and speaking of hair, for us girls who are constantly coloring our hair ( pretty much all of us) my hair hates me for the things i do to it, so if your in desperate need, like I am to have some moisture put back in to your hair, seriously girls try Rusk's Sensories Wellness Bedew. Plus it doesnt make it all greasy feeling like most things i've tried, so because of that alone i already love it.