Getting Back To The Basics.

- Racerback Rossette Tank $18.00
- Flower And Pearl Tank $ 14.00
- Braided Racerback Tank $13.99
Tank tops. Sounds simple right? They are the most basic pieces of clothing we have in our closets, yet we would be lost without them. They can be worn in countless number of ways. Literally. I dont know about you guys but they are part of my everyday wardrobe, whether it be with basic layering, dressing up with a cute necklace and jacket. The way to wear a tank top is endless it seems like. I was out shopping yesterday and i passed Charlotte Russe & oh my! wow do i love that store, everything in my sight was just like omg i've got to have that and the best part? Cute n cheap, my fav.


Fashion Week.

So lets just point out the obvious..its fashion week, and if i do say so myself Alice+Olvia has a awesome spring collection! her style is just so feminine, which is totally what im all about, these are items we would actually want to wear, thats the best part its not completely outrageous stuff like we see on the runway, a bit more simple, now can we really afford these high end designer names? in a dream world yes, but in reality most likely not, especially if your on a budget, like me, and like im sure half the girls in the world, we probably wont be buying these names any time soon but its always fun to lust after right? :) This designer and many other ones can be found at NeimanMarcus


Lets Snuggle.

- Ankle Length Legging $24.50 / Ultra Soft Asymmetric Tee $26.00 (Favorite)
- Printed Woven Pant $34.00/ ScoopNeck Tank $ 18.00
- Ruffle Cardigan $ 48.00 ( will be getting this!)
First off let me just say sorry for the lack of updating lately, my weekend consisted of working,working and more working, so i didnt get to spend valentines day doing something "cute" "romantic" or "special". Hope everyone else had a great valentines though :). So now that im completely exhausted and i have the day off (until tonight, when i get to go back to work oh joy, oh joy) alls i can think about is being comfy. As much as i would love to talk about new summer fashions, or the new "must have" my mind is completely set on being comfy, plus the weather isnt helping either, when its bitter cold outside, almost a white out from all the snow..pj's and a cup of hot coco sound like pure bliss right about now. VictoriaSecret and PINK lounge wear is totally up my alley right about now.


Boots Anyone?

- Wild Diva Akemi32 Ankle Boot $14.94 (LOVE)
- Anne Michelle Sucess29 Knee-High Boot $25.59
I know I say this about like every single site, buuttt this site is really awesome & the absolute best part? You can actually afford this. And i dont know about you, but my shopping habit tends to be my first priority. Not exactly the smartest thing, but when it's a good deal, you just cant say no :). Lately i've been really crazy over shoes especially Boots! since im not going to be getting away from snow anytime soon mines well dress cute for it right? Cutesygirl has some amazingly cute everything right now, dresses, tops, shoes, you name it they have it, im so in love. I wish i could post all my favorites but i would most likely run out of room, so i will just stick to the super cute boots for now.


Sexy In Heels.

-Steve Madden 'Regaal' Pump for $89.95
These adorable pumps can be found at Nordstrom

There's something about the way heels can make a girl feel, am i right? As soon as you slip them on you instantly feel glamourous & on top of the world, and not to mention they make our legs go on for miles. Personally, I think that heels shouldnt be a everyday shoe. I think that there excellent for friday nights with the girls, night on the town or maybe even a hot date. So, I have found thee perfect pumps..literally. My sister and I are going crazy for them!


Its A Girl Thing.

Vasia By Ulla Johnson Theodora Dress $68.00
- This can be bought at UrbanOutfitters

So I Know Im Not The Only Girl Out There, That When You Wake Up To Get The Day Started And You Open Up Your Closet, We Wear What Fits Our MOOD For That Day..Some Days You Wanna Dress It Up A Bit, Or Just Be Cute Casual Orrr Girls Just Have There Days..Where You Just Feel BLAH..Now, If We Wore What Fit Our Mood For That..We Would Probably End Up Wearing A Big Oversized Sweatshirt & Very Unfitting Sweatpants..Now As Comfy As That Is..Its Not Exactly The Cutest Thing To Go Out In..I Was Definetly Having One Of Those Days Today. This Without A Doubt Would Have Been The PERFECT Thing To Have Put On, Its Adorable, Loose, Casual & Did I Mention Adorable? Yes, There Is A Ton Of Snow Here, So It Would Of Been Impossible To Wear, But Im Just Gonna Pretend The Snow Isnt Here :)


Winter Blues.

Well In April I Head To FLORIDA For A Week..That Time Just Cant Come Soon Enough & Now It Really Cant Because We Just Got More Snow, As If We Havent Had Enough Already..Winter Last's For Too Long : / Buutttt Something I Can Be Happy About Is I Came Across Thee Best Clothing Site..Like By Far My Fav Collection! All Of This Can Be Found At Threadsence


Spring Fever.

So I dont know about you guys but im definitely extremely eager for spring! Im sick of looking outside and seeing the same dull grey sky im ready for the sun to shine & ready for my beloved ugg boots to be put away [very sad though] Ive been searching alot of websites lately for all the new spring fashions that's coming out yay! but this outfit is just SIMPLY ADORABLE, totally crazy for this dress..its so feminine & the gladiator sandals are just a must! & the ring just tops it off to give it that cute little touch :) All of this is at Forever21 so of course its gonna be a good deal!

- Cracked Metallic Lace-Up Sandal $14.80
- Pink Dress $24.80
-Rose Bloom Ring $ 3.80


New In Town.

Well let me introduce myself im Katie! & ive decided to try something a bit different by doing this blog..im not a big city girl from new york that gets to go designer fashion shows and all that fun stuff [but that would be quite awesome] im just a girl from a small town that knows what catches my eye when it comes to fashion! Im super pumped to start this & also a tad nervous to try something new but im up for it : ) I cant wait to start meeting people that share this same interest..lets let the fun begin shall we?