I failed again..

- New hairr (more redish in person, webcam just made it look a little darker)
-The miracle worker.

Hey everyone. So I failed again at staying on top of things...whatever, I suck. Sadly I don't have WiFi right now for my Ipad so I can't use it :( I think once I can conveniently use that again from the comfort of my bed I'll be more likely to be on here a lot more :) Hope everyone had a awesome Thanksgiving! nothing too new with me except my hair color has been changed yet again..my goal is to at least keep this color for at least 2 months..don't know if that's possible but I'm gonna try ;)

So I do have something that you guys totally need to try!! My sister introduced me to this deodorant by the name of Crystal Deodorant...holy smokes! AMAZING. I swear by this. I'm actually kinda mad I'm just now knowing about this product...I seriously call this the miracle worker. They have different kinds..I have the "roll on" kind. It has no scent and is all natural & it's only just a little under 5$ it covers EVERYTHING..you could wear a shirt and sweat allll day in it and wear that shirt 5 more times without even knowing, it's that amazing.