Christmas Goodies.

♥ Juicy Couture Hoodie (Grey & Pink) this is by far my favorite I love love love love love juicy so incredibly much & I love my sister for getting this for me :)
♥ Glitz & Glam Set, Im SO EXCITED to try all this stuff out!! love the bronzes and golds n sheers!
♥ PINK; lotion & spray, best most amazing scent EVER.
♥ Too Faced; Lash Injection Mascara, one of the best mascara's ever created.
♥ Stila Lipgloss Set, I've heard so much about this brand, but I haven't tried it yet, im so excited too since im a lipgloss junkie, has anyone else tried this?
♥ Banana Republic Cardigan.

Hey, hope everyone had a awesome Christmas! crazy to think that it's already came and gone now. But, this year was awesome..I feel like I've gained about 15 lbs over the last two days from all the food, junk and sweets I've eaten but hey it was the holidays, I dont feel too bad..just until my jeans no longer fit me(; but I thought I would share a few of my fav gifts that I got..
How was everyone else's Christmas? What goodies did you get?


Go Jane.

♥ Rhinestone heart key necklace (long) $7.80, OBSESSED with key necklaces so dang cute.
♥ Sequin rosette beanie $15.60, how simple & adorable.
♥ Floral print-tie waist coat $36.95, um wow, hello.
♥ Military Jacket $19.95

Hey ladies, so I don't know if anyone has ever heard of GoJane, but I just discovered there site today, uh why haven't I known about this sooner? Cause, pretty sure it's pretty much another store like, Charlotte Russe, Forever21 & Wet Seal, so if you like any of those stores you will like this site and there stuff, those 3 stores are like my favorite, so it's a given that I would love this, have a looksie :)


Hey its me, Kensie

♥ Slub Knit Button Cardigan $68, has got to be one of the most cutest cardigan, ever.
♥ Long Sleeve Top $38, adore off the shoulders.
Animal print dress $39.20, how adorable would this be if you put a cardigan on, black leggings/tights with a black boot, uh yeah im down with that.

I had totally forgotten how much I love Kensie Girl until my sister recently bought some boots from them, so of course I had to go to there website and look at all there stuff..what do ya know I want everything. OMG they have thee CUTEST CUTEST things..I love em because there still girly, but not too girly to where it looks "young" looking, its girly sophisticated, which I love. So in other words..I highly recommend checking them out ladies.


Cover me up.

Hey ladies, so I was doing my makeup today and when I was putting on my foundation I thought why haven't I shared this with you guys yet? well, better late then never I suppose :)

Im sure im not the only girl out there that has the hardest time finding the right/perfect shade or a foundation that you like, there either too watery, too pasty and hard to rub in, or just flat out don't like them for whatever reason us girls have. But, Maybelline's foundation is definetly one of the best I've had and it's by far the cheapest foundation I've ever had also! this foundation only goes for $7.94 sooo worth it! I love it because its not watery, you can actually rub it around and it doesnt look all shiny and what not, but its not thick either, plus I don't like thick foundations because I also use a powder over my foundation and if it's too thick I just feel like I have 2 lbs of makeup on my face!

Let me know if you guys try it and what you think, or if you have already tried it I'd love to hear your thoughts : )


Oh Hey Charlotte.

♥ Rosette Ruffle Cardigan $29.50, not too crazy about the see through sleeves, but I could deal because the rest is just way too cute.
♥ Ruffled A-line Dress $29.50, crazy for this!
♥ Coral Rosette Wrapped Chiffon Headband $6.50, down right adorable & in my favorite color, yeah im in love.
♥ Light Brown Fireball Ring $4

Finally a new post, geeesh! I need to break this habit I've got going..I hate not being able to post everyday, grrr. But hope everyone is doing well! & has all there Christmas shopping DONE :) I finished all mine, so now I can just enjoy the rest of the season stress free, my only concern is we BETTER have a white Christmas I'm seeing too much green right now and not enough of the pretty white stuff, so that better change pronto!

So most of you know I adore Charlotte Russe..and oh wow what a shocker they have a store full of everything I want, yeah didn't see that coming..*rolls eyes* seriously I could blow every last dollar I have on that store..but in the mean time I'll just lust over it all : )


Just some goodies.

Sorry not the best quality :(

- Blush is called "Pink Sorbet"
-Eyeshadow is called "coffee shop" such gorgeous colors!!

So I thought I would update and show off a few little things..

First, I went and got a few, cheap little makeup items that I needed, I don't know about you guys but blush is like a MUST for me, I love love love a good blush, and Im guilty of maybe going a little overboard with it :) If you ladies want a good super cheap blush try Rimmels, the stuff I got is only like just under 5 bucks! and it ACTUALLY works, and stays on, its actually my most favorite, and I would recommend it too anyone.

Also, I love my browns, golds, and bronzes eye shadows, I use those colors almost on a daily basis, one of my favorites is actually Covergirls..and again, its sooo affordable, especially when you go through alot of makeup like me, you want it cheap, for sure.

I also thought I would show off my outfit for today, usually I like to keep it really simple when Im going to be out all day running around with errands, and that usually always consists of wearing my UGGS, but I thought I would actually wear my boots (with heels) and wear a super cute outfit, I got a little creative with it, I found this super cute grey skirt shoved underneath all my clothes that I had totally forgotten about and I took a simple black tank and tucked it underneath, so it actually looked like a dress when you took a quick glance at it, put a cute cardigan over it, threw on some leggings and my boots with my fav scarf..and I actually curled my hair today..a total shocker! :)


My oh my.

-Tinley Road Peach Flower Necklace $34

-Tinley Road Pearl Flower Necklace $48
-Hive and Honey Ring $22
-Betsey Johnson Pink Rose Stud $30

It's been a few days since I've been able to post..sorry I've been slacking a bit! and I'm actually starting my new Nanny job tomorrow so once that gets started I may not be able to post everyday like I usually do (or at least try too).

Alrighty, so has anyone started there Christmas shopping yet? I FINALLY went out and got started today, and I'm now half way done woot woot! I have to say the loads of snow we got made it 10 times better and actually kinda more funner to shop, gets you more excited, although the near white out conditions and slippery roads were just a tad scary at times! Whats the weather like where you guys are?

I've been just CRAZY for jewelry!!! I go through phases it seems like, one day I wont care too much about it and then it's just like bam! im obsessed with it lol..I saw some really cute cute stuff at Kohl's while I was out Christmas shopping but they didn't have it on there website for me to be able to show you..but, no worries I have an AMAZING amazing site for you guys too look at..Piperlime! they have everything, not just jewelry so be sure to check out the other stuff as well, but my oh my..I think I died and went to heaven because I'm completely smitten with there jewelry.


Random shopping trip.

- Fake Glasses, I've been wanting some fake ones for a while now, my last ones broke, bad picture of them just didnt have much time to get a better one, you can't see it here but theres cute little diamonds on the side, perfect little touch :) these ones were from Icing for 10 bucks :)

-NYC lip gloss, seriously girls GET THIS its soo cheap and it works great! if you dont wanna spend alot for designer stuff i highly recommend it I just tried this for the first time today (because they were all out of the usual stuff I get) and I will always get this now :) (have it on in both pics) can you guys tell im obssessed with this scarf yet? Its in like every post now (lol)

-Purple Ruffle Cardigan, I HAD to have this (horrible coloring, its actually light purple in real life def not a brown color) only 7 bucks! Uh I think so! :)
- Slipper Uggs,cute, pink & girly.. had to have these for around the house, even when your just lounging you gotta be cute :)

I feel like I haven't posted in forever I havent had a computer all week because I've been at my sisters and her Mac died..so sad ): So while I had a few seconds thought I would share a few things I've got recently mainly from my good ole fav store Target! goodness do I LOVE that store, I got some really random things, but whats new? that always happens, plus they always have plenty of clearanced items, you'll always find me on those racks (;

Hope everyones doing well :)