Getting over my fears.

Wow..so I've failed miserably at updating again..shame on me.

This is really random and nothing really to do about beauty, fashion or any of that jazz. So I'm sure I'm not the only one here who has a like deathly fear of needles! If you do I strongly encourage you to get over your fears and suck it up like I did :)
I went and got my nose pierced after my best friend pushed me and pushed to go get it done with her, thank goodness I did cause I couldn't love it more! I know it's not much but hey it's a start ..and what a baby I was it was nothin! didn't hurt one bit..so yeah just a random post but had to share my excitement :)


  1. It looks great I've always been to scared to get it done, but have always wanted to

    great blog

    hope you'll follow back


  2. it suits you so much, you're gorgeous!



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