Give me more makeup, please.

- Too Faced Lash Injection $21 ( Hands Down, thee BEST mascara ever, seriously jump on this girls)
- Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion $30 (seriously the cuteness of it alone made me want it)

What can a girl truly never get enough of? and i mean never! MAKEUP. It's our way of expressing ourselfs, boosting a little self confidence, and just for the simple fact that were girls ha. Now, i've never been into the more "higher end" makeup, and the one reason for that is because im cheap, very cheap, i think everything is overpriced when in fact its really not bad at all I just make it out to be that way..im workin on it (lol). My Mom and Sister take weekly trips to Sephora, literally weekly. I always would hear them bragging on how amazing this was and that was, so I actually tried some of these (going against my cheap ways) Lets just say I will be taking the weekly trips from now on. So I thought I would share these amazing pieces that I'm in love with..

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