Boots Anyone?

- Wild Diva Akemi32 Ankle Boot $14.94 (LOVE)
- Anne Michelle Sucess29 Knee-High Boot $25.59
I know I say this about like every single site, buuttt this site is really awesome & the absolute best part? You can actually afford this. And i dont know about you, but my shopping habit tends to be my first priority. Not exactly the smartest thing, but when it's a good deal, you just cant say no :). Lately i've been really crazy over shoes especially Boots! since im not going to be getting away from snow anytime soon mines well dress cute for it right? Cutesygirl has some amazingly cute everything right now, dresses, tops, shoes, you name it they have it, im so in love. I wish i could post all my favorites but i would most likely run out of room, so i will just stick to the super cute boots for now.

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  1. your blog makes me want to shop for those shoes. i can see myself in them. :)



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