Its A Girl Thing.

Vasia By Ulla Johnson Theodora Dress $68.00
- This can be bought at UrbanOutfitters

So I Know Im Not The Only Girl Out There, That When You Wake Up To Get The Day Started And You Open Up Your Closet, We Wear What Fits Our MOOD For That Day..Some Days You Wanna Dress It Up A Bit, Or Just Be Cute Casual Orrr Girls Just Have There Days..Where You Just Feel BLAH..Now, If We Wore What Fit Our Mood For That..We Would Probably End Up Wearing A Big Oversized Sweatshirt & Very Unfitting Sweatpants..Now As Comfy As That Is..Its Not Exactly The Cutest Thing To Go Out In..I Was Definetly Having One Of Those Days Today. This Without A Doubt Would Have Been The PERFECT Thing To Have Put On, Its Adorable, Loose, Casual & Did I Mention Adorable? Yes, There Is A Ton Of Snow Here, So It Would Of Been Impossible To Wear, But Im Just Gonna Pretend The Snow Isnt Here :)


  1. hi doll. you're a new blogger so hopefully i can give you some critique; capitalizing Every Word Like This can be kind of annoying/difficult to read, as well as being grammatically incorrect. just a tip :)

  2. Hey! Well thank you so much for the tip, i will def remember that! I guess i just do it out of habit a bit :P


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