Lets Snuggle.

- Ankle Length Legging $24.50 / Ultra Soft Asymmetric Tee $26.00 (Favorite)
- Printed Woven Pant $34.00/ ScoopNeck Tank $ 18.00
- Ruffle Cardigan $ 48.00 ( will be getting this!)
First off let me just say sorry for the lack of updating lately, my weekend consisted of working,working and more working, so i didnt get to spend valentines day doing something "cute" "romantic" or "special". Hope everyone else had a great valentines though :). So now that im completely exhausted and i have the day off (until tonight, when i get to go back to work oh joy, oh joy) alls i can think about is being comfy. As much as i would love to talk about new summer fashions, or the new "must have" my mind is completely set on being comfy, plus the weather isnt helping either, when its bitter cold outside, almost a white out from all the snow..pj's and a cup of hot coco sound like pure bliss right about now. VictoriaSecret and PINK lounge wear is totally up my alley right about now.


  1. i love that you're talking about affordable fashion. and who doesn't love VS Pink!

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  2. Thanks love! & yes i agree i love my VS :)


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