New In Town.

Well let me introduce myself im Katie! & ive decided to try something a bit different by doing this blog..im not a big city girl from new york that gets to go designer fashion shows and all that fun stuff [but that would be quite awesome] im just a girl from a small town that knows what catches my eye when it comes to fashion! Im super pumped to start this & also a tad nervous to try something new but im up for it : ) I cant wait to start meeting people that share this same interest..lets let the fun begin shall we?


  1. I looove fashion as well! I'm excited for you about your blog site! I'm looking to starting my own fashion site with my best friend so it's inspiring to see someone else doing the same thing. You seem to have a great eye! I'll definitely be back. Good luck with everything.


  2. Aw well thank you very much! Well hopefully that all goes good for you & you friend! :) If you do, def let me know!


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