Dress Me.

- Shaw's Cove $39.89
-Avalon Place $59.50
- Boat Canyon $39.89

So today's the first day of spring..and i had to wear boots. There is something seriously wrong with that! yesterday i was wearing jeans, tee and flip flops, today? jeans, a columbia hoodie with 2 shirts underneath and boots and STILL freezing, only in michigan..so i know i said i was going to be more on top of it with updating, i lied, oops! i've been really busy with work lately so thats took up most of my time but finally a weekend off :)

So, im not the type of girl to really want to shop at hollister and those type of stores, not saying i never do, but its pretty rare, i just feel like everybody has those clothes and its rather young looking [some of the stuff anyways] just like there tees n' what not..but i have to say i really really adore there dresses i was in there the other day and saw a few that i really liked my reason most of the time for not getting them? Im by far the cheapest person you will ever know, im not a millionaire and not even close to it, so im pretty picky about where every one of my dollars goes esepecially when i shop as much as i do, its def become a problem :)

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