What is true beauty?

Well from here on out i promise to be a little more on top of things as far as posting :)

When you think of beauty you think of those models in the magazines, who seem to have it all..gorgeous, flawless skin, perfectly tanned bodies without an ounce of fat on them. Girls look at that and think why dont or why cant i look like that? Truth is, those pictures go through incredible amounts of retouching, airbrushing and all the works, and i think we just forget that at times, those girls who seem to be so perfect are just like us. Every girl has flaws, things we wish we could change, no one has the "perfect body". Its more of a matter on how we look or think of ourselfs, us girls need to be confident in who we are as a person and not be so judgemental on trying to be "perfect".

This is probably going to sound corny but thats okay :) before you leave to go out to run errands, go to gym, go to work whatever it may be, before you leave your place, simply just look in the mirror and say one positive thing about yourself.

x.o.x.o -Katie

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