Sandal Me. Please.

- Patricia lili01 flats $12.99 (love)

- Bamboo darling48 flats $19.99

- Bumper Jay02 flats $17.99

Its that time of year again, offcially..i think? If all the snow is actually going to stay gone for good, but so far its been cooperating and staying away from here its been all sunshine for almost 2 weeks now :D

Which means that the sign of summer can be worn now..Sandals!
I love love love my sandals and flip flops, theres just something so freeing about them and when i think of them i automatically think of the warm weather and my absolute favorite the beach..cant wait! Ive really been obsessed with gladiator sandals and that type of look, and they are pretty much everywhere now a days so there not hard to find, but cutesygirl has a huge selection of them and there a bit more different and not all the same which i like, more of a variety so check em out(: hopefully youll like it!

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