All about the shades, baby.

So these are my all time fav sunglasses! i got them last year at target for about 18 i believe, which is actually alot for me to spend on sunglasses, because im very picky about how much i spend :) but they were def worth it..i was shopping for sunglasses for a couple weeks and i was sooo sick of looking so sometimes to spend a little more is worth it :)

Sunglasses have become more of a fashion accessory to us girls, in a rush and dont have time to put alot of makeup on? you throw your shades on and there you go instant glamour :) and then of course there's the obvious reason for them, blocking the sun, but either way they have to be cute (thats a given) and most of all fit your face shape, which that can honestly be hard to find the right pair, believe me i know cause i struggle every siiingle time i go shopping for them, and im almost positive im not the only girl who has a problem with this so i have some tips that i thought might help with finding the correct pair for your faceshape girls!

Oval Face- So, you guys have it pretty easy, almost any style can work for this faceshape, oval's good for trying out new things & the latest trends, so go ahead try something new! any shape will work for you.

Round Face- You guys are gonna wanna make your face appear thinner and longer, so your going to wanna try a wider frame with more of a rectangular shape to it so it creates the illusion that the face is longer than it appears.

Square Face- Usually this face shape consists of a really strong jawline, so your gonna want to reduce that by sticking with more of a oval shape or more curvy because it gives the face some definition.

Another little tip: Pale Complexions- try to stay with a softer color shade, darker colors tend to drain the color from your face.

Dark Complexions- Olive, Golden or Asian looks great with silver, clear or gold frames, but try to stay away from black because it can be to harsh on the face.

Dark/Black Complexions- Metallic frames compliment your skin tone the best, darker frames are just gonna look kinda blah and wont compliment it the best way it could.

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