My oh my.

-Tinley Road Peach Flower Necklace $34

-Tinley Road Pearl Flower Necklace $48
-Hive and Honey Ring $22
-Betsey Johnson Pink Rose Stud $30

It's been a few days since I've been able to post..sorry I've been slacking a bit! and I'm actually starting my new Nanny job tomorrow so once that gets started I may not be able to post everyday like I usually do (or at least try too).

Alrighty, so has anyone started there Christmas shopping yet? I FINALLY went out and got started today, and I'm now half way done woot woot! I have to say the loads of snow we got made it 10 times better and actually kinda more funner to shop, gets you more excited, although the near white out conditions and slippery roads were just a tad scary at times! Whats the weather like where you guys are?

I've been just CRAZY for jewelry!!! I go through phases it seems like, one day I wont care too much about it and then it's just like bam! im obsessed with it lol..I saw some really cute cute stuff at Kohl's while I was out Christmas shopping but they didn't have it on there website for me to be able to show you..but, no worries I have an AMAZING amazing site for you guys too look at..Piperlime! they have everything, not just jewelry so be sure to check out the other stuff as well, but my oh my..I think I died and went to heaven because I'm completely smitten with there jewelry.


  1. Love the first necklace and BJ studs... I started today xmas shopping... :D Here there's a good amount of snow!!! (if you want, you can see som pic on my twitpic). kisses!!!

  2. That pearl necklace is super cute! Lucky you got snow :) I am officially finished all my Christmas shopping as of yesterday and it feels good to be done!

  3. love them all hun,u hav great taste I havent started my xmas shopping,will do it next week lol goodluck on e job hun!!!kisses&hugs..

  4. adorable jewels!
    I like it so much!

  5. Hello!!
    I love this type of jewellery!! This selection is great! I am particularly in love with the first necklace.
    New follower here,


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