Just some goodies.

Sorry not the best quality :(

- Blush is called "Pink Sorbet"
-Eyeshadow is called "coffee shop" such gorgeous colors!!

So I thought I would update and show off a few little things..

First, I went and got a few, cheap little makeup items that I needed, I don't know about you guys but blush is like a MUST for me, I love love love a good blush, and Im guilty of maybe going a little overboard with it :) If you ladies want a good super cheap blush try Rimmels, the stuff I got is only like just under 5 bucks! and it ACTUALLY works, and stays on, its actually my most favorite, and I would recommend it too anyone.

Also, I love my browns, golds, and bronzes eye shadows, I use those colors almost on a daily basis, one of my favorites is actually Covergirls..and again, its sooo affordable, especially when you go through alot of makeup like me, you want it cheap, for sure.

I also thought I would show off my outfit for today, usually I like to keep it really simple when Im going to be out all day running around with errands, and that usually always consists of wearing my UGGS, but I thought I would actually wear my boots (with heels) and wear a super cute outfit, I got a little creative with it, I found this super cute grey skirt shoved underneath all my clothes that I had totally forgotten about and I took a simple black tank and tucked it underneath, so it actually looked like a dress when you took a quick glance at it, put a cute cardigan over it, threw on some leggings and my boots with my fav scarf..and I actually curled my hair today..a total shocker! :)


  1. u look gorgeous hun,love ur makeup&outfit very cute&nice..great buys as well

  2. I have the cover girl coffee shop quad. I love it!! I use the white almost every day.

  3. you look awesome katie! I love those colors you got too, I definitely needed a blush recommendation :) my old covergirl blush has an awful stench haha


  4. I love your outfit! Your hair looks awesome too :)

  5. Blog beautiful.çok güzel.thank you.kısses

  6. I love Rimmel make up! All their stuff is quality at a good price!


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