Hey its me, Kensie

♥ Slub Knit Button Cardigan $68, has got to be one of the most cutest cardigan, ever.
♥ Long Sleeve Top $38, adore off the shoulders.
Animal print dress $39.20, how adorable would this be if you put a cardigan on, black leggings/tights with a black boot, uh yeah im down with that.

I had totally forgotten how much I love Kensie Girl until my sister recently bought some boots from them, so of course I had to go to there website and look at all there stuff..what do ya know I want everything. OMG they have thee CUTEST CUTEST things..I love em because there still girly, but not too girly to where it looks "young" looking, its girly sophisticated, which I love. So in other words..I highly recommend checking them out ladies.


  1. love the dress.. I've never seen their stuff but I'm def going to check it out. I love your blog. Following!!


    p.s. the polka dots are adorable <3

  2. like that cardigan!
    visit and follow my blog if you dont mind :)


  3. I love the cardigan and the dress! They are now on my wish list:)

  4. Nice photos, thanks for sharing I really love the dresses I'm also planning to have one too. But this holiday season I'm looking forward to have some gold charm.

  5. omg thank you, made my day ! You have great taste in clothes thats for sure! xx


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