Random shopping trip.

- Fake Glasses, I've been wanting some fake ones for a while now, my last ones broke, bad picture of them just didnt have much time to get a better one, you can't see it here but theres cute little diamonds on the side, perfect little touch :) these ones were from Icing for 10 bucks :)

-NYC lip gloss, seriously girls GET THIS its soo cheap and it works great! if you dont wanna spend alot for designer stuff i highly recommend it I just tried this for the first time today (because they were all out of the usual stuff I get) and I will always get this now :) (have it on in both pics) can you guys tell im obssessed with this scarf yet? Its in like every post now (lol)

-Purple Ruffle Cardigan, I HAD to have this (horrible coloring, its actually light purple in real life def not a brown color) only 7 bucks! Uh I think so! :)
- Slipper Uggs,cute, pink & girly.. had to have these for around the house, even when your just lounging you gotta be cute :)

I feel like I haven't posted in forever I havent had a computer all week because I've been at my sisters and her Mac died..so sad ): So while I had a few seconds thought I would share a few things I've got recently mainly from my good ole fav store Target! goodness do I LOVE that store, I got some really random things, but whats new? that always happens, plus they always have plenty of clearanced items, you'll always find me on those racks (;

Hope everyones doing well :)


  1. All of these items look amazing! I love Target too! xx

  2. You are so pretty :) I will have to try out that ligloss!

  3. great finds! such cute glasses :) target is the best!


  4. I love lip plumper but sometimes I got my lips very itchy, I will try NYC!
    Nice sweater and love the slippers,


  5. u r so beautiful hun,love ur FOTD. great buys&i need that gloss,thanx for sharing

  6. Haha.. the pink uggs are so cute. :)

  7. Loving the look of that NYC. Infact I'm sure I have that shade lying around somewhere!! Those slippers are so cute too!! Perfect for winter!!

    Love J.


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