Christmas Goodies.

♥ Juicy Couture Hoodie (Grey & Pink) this is by far my favorite I love love love love love juicy so incredibly much & I love my sister for getting this for me :)
♥ Glitz & Glam Set, Im SO EXCITED to try all this stuff out!! love the bronzes and golds n sheers!
♥ PINK; lotion & spray, best most amazing scent EVER.
♥ Too Faced; Lash Injection Mascara, one of the best mascara's ever created.
♥ Stila Lipgloss Set, I've heard so much about this brand, but I haven't tried it yet, im so excited too since im a lipgloss junkie, has anyone else tried this?
♥ Banana Republic Cardigan.

Hey, hope everyone had a awesome Christmas! crazy to think that it's already came and gone now. But, this year was awesome..I feel like I've gained about 15 lbs over the last two days from all the food, junk and sweets I've eaten but hey it was the holidays, I dont feel too bad..just until my jeans no longer fit me(; but I thought I would share a few of my fav gifts that I got..
How was everyone else's Christmas? What goodies did you get?


  1. All of these look amazing! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! xx

  2. You got some awesome stuff :) I love that pink spray and lotion its a great scent!

  3. looks like you got some wonderful goodies! the juicy couture is the best happy holidays

  4. I love your gifts ♥

  5. awesome gifts sweetie,love it all hope u had LOVELY XMAS

  6. I love the Banana Republic cardigan. Happy Holidays!



  7. Oooh La La! I love the 'Glitz and Glam' make up. The cardigan is cute, love it.
    Love all your Christmas goodies.

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  8. love everything you got, you shop a lot like i do! we should follow each other. ;-)



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