Cover me up.

Hey ladies, so I was doing my makeup today and when I was putting on my foundation I thought why haven't I shared this with you guys yet? well, better late then never I suppose :)

Im sure im not the only girl out there that has the hardest time finding the right/perfect shade or a foundation that you like, there either too watery, too pasty and hard to rub in, or just flat out don't like them for whatever reason us girls have. But, Maybelline's foundation is definetly one of the best I've had and it's by far the cheapest foundation I've ever had also! this foundation only goes for $7.94 sooo worth it! I love it because its not watery, you can actually rub it around and it doesnt look all shiny and what not, but its not thick either, plus I don't like thick foundations because I also use a powder over my foundation and if it's too thick I just feel like I have 2 lbs of makeup on my face!

Let me know if you guys try it and what you think, or if you have already tried it I'd love to hear your thoughts : )


  1. Thanks for sharing :) glad you found a foundation you like! Ill keep this one in mind incase mine ends up getting funky over time lol

  2. ooh I need some foundation! I may try this :) great post girl!


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