Oh Hey Charlotte.

♥ Rosette Ruffle Cardigan $29.50, not too crazy about the see through sleeves, but I could deal because the rest is just way too cute.
♥ Ruffled A-line Dress $29.50, crazy for this!
♥ Coral Rosette Wrapped Chiffon Headband $6.50, down right adorable & in my favorite color, yeah im in love.
♥ Light Brown Fireball Ring $4

Finally a new post, geeesh! I need to break this habit I've got going..I hate not being able to post everyday, grrr. But hope everyone is doing well! & has all there Christmas shopping DONE :) I finished all mine, so now I can just enjoy the rest of the season stress free, my only concern is we BETTER have a white Christmas I'm seeing too much green right now and not enough of the pretty white stuff, so that better change pronto!

So most of you know I adore Charlotte Russe..and oh wow what a shocker they have a store full of everything I want, yeah didn't see that coming..*rolls eyes* seriously I could blow every last dollar I have on that store..but in the mean time I'll just lust over it all : )


  1. Ya know.. I feel the exact same way =) every pair of shoes I own.. with the exception of one or two came from there =) its so classy =)

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