Curls are a pain.

- Tried to get a pic of it, but the curls are already slowing going back to straight..stupid things.

Thought I would do a quick little post while I had a few extra minutes before I head out shopping, alright girls do you usually straighten or curl your hair? because I ALWAYS straighten but I seriously wish I could curl my hair. Well, I tried this morning..one reason why I hate it too is because I like my hair long and when I curl it I feel like it looks way shorter, do you guys ever feel like that too, or am I just crazy? (lol) plus curls just refuse to stay so I'm constantly messing with my hair throughout the day and it's sooo annoying, I couldn't stand the curls anymore so I quick ran a straightner through my hair, ugh..well another day of curls being a fail!


  1. I usually straigten but my straightener broke so I am using that as an excuse to do a detox, no more touching my hair with hot things, except a hair dryer.

  2. I do a mix of both. For two weeks, I'll wear my hair straight, and then I'll curl it for a couple of days. I actually prefer it curled, but it takes too long sometimes, even with using a big curling iron..

  3. You look lovely. And curls are such a pain, that is why I straighten my hair everyday.

  4. Curly or straight, you look so beautifull!

  5. either way u r gorgeous hun,love ur FOTD...BEAUTIFUL

  6. HEY! My hair is naturally curly but if its already straight then it wont curl unless I wash it again and let it air dry. But, try this. It works for me when my hair is straight and i want it curly. Hope it helps!!


  7. I usually straighten my hair. I have natural curls, love them, and hate them. They usually are out of control by the end of the day. If only I could find out how to tame them so I wouldn't have to damage my hair so much with heat!

    You look so pretty, btw!


  8. You look so.... OMG amazing in this pic...Love your hairdo!!!

  9. Redken Iron silk (spray starch for fine hair) should work. Just spray a fine mist on the section of hair your about to curl and it will stay all day. I do hair in Florida so we have to keep them up and going for updos. It works great! Hope it helped you :)

  10. you are very pretty.
    You posses a very feminine and flirty style


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