Heaven on your lips.

♥Muted Plum
♥Pale Pink
♥Shimmering Gold Rose
♥Shimmering Fuchsia Berry
$28 for this set.

There honestly all gorgeous colors on, for once I don't think I have a favorite :)

- I thought I would throw something a little extra in here, If any of you ladies want a CHEAP but good mascara, Rimmel's is the best, I use this everyday..I know mascara can be tricky, to get one that you have few problems with but I swear by this, plus it's only like 4 bucks, yippy :)

Alright I need to get out my rage first, the weather here in Michigan is 60 today and were supposed to have snow and below freezing temps by Thanksgiving? today im wearing a t-shirt and I'm sweating in this! seriously this weather better shape up because I have alot of hats and scarfs and boot's to be worn!

Moving on to more important things.. :)

So I know I said that Victoria Secret has the best lipgloss ever, but I have something that ranks right on up there, majorly. Buxom Lipgloss, that you can get at Sephora, I don't even know how to explain this lipgloss, it's super super light which alot of girl's like because it's NOT sticky and messy and doesn't have that "heavy" feeling to it. It like "chill's" your lips it has a cooling feel to it, I know that sounds kinda silly but I don't know how else to describe it. My sister gave me the set of this lipgloss, why?? I don't know her lost, my gain ;) ITS AMAZING. Have any of you ladies tried this stuff already? What do you think?


  1. I havent tried any of those products hun dont knw if they available in e UK but will check,thanx for sharing

  2. now that you mentioned vs lipgloss, i think i need to give it a try. all i hear is good things about them. i am lipgloss LOVER! lol thnx for coming by my blog :)

  3. I've never tried buxom lipgloss. But to say its as good as victorias secret. I geuss i've got to give it a try!


  4. I love the colours of the lipglosses!

  5. Those colors all look gorgeous!!!

  6. Going to look these lipglosses up and see if we can get them in england! :) x


  7. I am in love with buxom gloss :)

  8. Thanks for the tip! Will have to try Buxom lipgloss sometime :)

    happy thanksgiving!!
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