Another purse, wouldn't hurt!

-This is the purse that I use like..24/7 (sorry really bad pic, need a new camera) I'm obsessed with anything animal print, plus it didnt hurt that it was normally 50 & I got it for 10, kinda made me love it more hehe : )
-Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote $58 ( Loooooooooooove x 10)
-Deena & Ozzy Zip-Front Moto Satchel $68 (love this color)
-BDG Tri -Pocket Basic Buckle Satchel $68

Alright, so I have to say I posted that blog about boots, thinking we had snow coming..only in Michigan is it snowy one day and then for the next 2 weeks suns shining and not a cloud in the sky ugg! I'm actually ready for winter and some snow I would like to put my flip flops away sometime soon..geesh!

Okay, so I totally forgot about UrbanOutfitters, how? I really dont know because seriously they have some pretty amazing stuff..lately I've been like really into bags and purses, probably because I've been using the same bag for like almost a year now..it's one of those things where its a love/hate relationship, I love my purse but like deep down your ready to chuck it out the window because you want something new, yet you love it too much, I'm sure im not the only one that feels like that Ha Ha!


  1. That leopard one is so cool!



  2. Thank you very much for your comment.

    And your right, it doesn't hurt to have another bag. I girl can never have to many bags, it's like shoes haha XD


  3. i really like the Zip-Front Moto Satche, what is that made of?

  4. I feel you on the love for bags. I've had a purse since I was 3 years old crazy!!!. I norm,ally stop wearing a bag enen though I love it so much becuase I wnat to preserve it. Just a thought. Because I've broken bags and they weren't worth repairing because they were so cheap.

  5. u hav such a beautiful bag hun,I love animal print too btw I gav u an award

  6. The first bag is -> :o wow!
    And it isn't expensive at all !!!

    Ps : I'm a dutch girl so you can understand that my english isn't as great as yours,
    but I do my best :D

    & I follow you on twitter!

  7. Hello there!! I just found your blog....Im from Michigan too!! How cool....Im adding myself to your follow list as soon as I write this post....there arent too many of us in Michigan, lol...so nice to meet you....I LOVE purses too!!!

    Stop by and say Hello♥

    Come Join Me for Twitter Tuesday!!♥

  8. Just found your blog and following. I'm currently selling Links of London bracelets for £12 so take a look if you're interested for yourself or presents too.


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