I'm the snooki monster.

- There's the look we all know ;)
- Ahhh I love that pink dress!!!!!!
- I'll be honest, this isn't my fav hair style for her, I dont know I've never really been a "bangs" kinda girl, what look do you guys like better?

No seriously, my friends call me "Snooki monster" I seriously LOVE snooki ( dont hate) I don't like talking about celebrities, but I'm gonna make an exception for my girl ;)

First off, the signature hair..I personally think it straight up rocks.. No, I didn't copy the poof she does, I've been doing the poof for quite some time now, I can honestly say for the most part I like her style (for the most part, some things are questionable) I like the edgy, loud, crazy prints and I could say she could tone it down on the makeup, but I'm guilty of the same thing I could pry tone it down a few notches myself (lol). So here's a good question, what do you guys think of Miss. Snooks?


  1. OMG, snookie! I don't love her style in particular, but she's sooo funny!
    she's my favourite character on jeresy shore!
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  2. love her I think she is fab hun,call me crazy but I do like her somehow for me nothn wrong with her,pple express themselves differently&we gotta let them be

  3. I ♥ Jersey Shore! I like Snooki's makeup, especially when she wears pale pink lipstick and I love the poof! She's also adorably funny!

  4. i really cannot stand her xxxxxx

  5. I love that pink dress too! <3

  6. I love snooki too! Love love her hair, not the poof but the length and color and everything. Great blog! I'm following (:

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  7. I think the pink dress is really cute as well :)
    And I like that she has her own style.

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  9. Although i'm not a fan of her style, I think she's funny :)

  10. =0 I love Snookie! I though I was the only one haha!! I was so upset when she got hit that time on the first series. She's a bit of a fashion criminal I have to say but you've picked some of her better moments haha!!

    Love J.


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