I want it all.

Alright you guys, I dont even know where to start with this..my sister and I have pretty much the same taste when it comes to style, so she kept telling me about this site that she's been obsessing over and the other night she finally showed me what all the fuss was about, okay we were literally drooling over there stuff..seriously, we went through everything they had, every page possible, there wasn't alot of talking going on because we were just too speechless, I think I need to start playing the lotto because I'm gonna need alot of cash, thats for dang sure.

But, seriously girls if you know what's good for you you'll check them out!! ShopRuche & I could easily fill up like 20 pages posting everything IM IN LOVE WITH so I had to try and contain myself and only post 4 looks that were already put together..props to me.


  1. looks fab hun...love it..great taste u hav

  2. love the purple coat - cute blog :) xxx


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